Tuesday, June 2, 2009

time and a computer

I know I have been bad at blogging. I have a tendency to get go gun-ho into something then taper off...I could have blogged last night, but the thought of getting on the computer to blog after I'd just spent all day at a computer to work was not appealing. I have at least 4 days of pictures to pull of my camera, not to mention jonah's year 1 AND year 2 book to complete. I need to start remembering to take more maternity pics with this pregnancy and get pictures printed from josh's open house.

But when one starts the day (as we do pretty much every day) rushing out the door at 7 when we should have left at 6:30, drop off a clingy 2 yr old at school (which takes about 20 minutes because I refuse to leave him crying), work (which in my opinion takes an inordinate amount of time out of my day), rush out of work so you can pick up boy by 6pm, run errands after work, inhale a late dinner, put sleepy boy to bed.

And bedtime - it can take up to 1 hour for momma to accomplish because he screams when i leave unless he's completely out and as a result of the cryng himself to sleep usually ends up having some sort of nightmare in the middle of the night which results in me having to spend 30-45 minutes rocking him back to sleep. Now I don't mind the midnight rocking so much as I feel so bad that he's been completely freaked out by a bad dream in the middle of the night. So mama rocks ("mama rock") and sings (sometimes he sings too, sweetest thing ever!) and rubs his back ("mama rub back") while he lays on his pillow ("nonah's piplow") , then rocks and rubs his back some more till he's out.

Lately he thinks someone is gonna get him. He says, "he gonna get me", screams like he's seeing dead people and runs to find momma. Mama is not liking her boy to be scared. On a side note, nathan can put him to sleep in about 15 minutes but I don't like him to do it all the time cuz then I can't (and mama gets jealous, and irrationally scared that jonah will start being a daddy's boy and not a mama's boy). I know the time will come that he will prefer daddy and i am going to resist that heartbreak for as long as i can.

Well, there's not much inclination after all that to do much else except for zone out on the couch or go to sleep, usually sleep wins. So I'm sorry there's not pictures, this is the best I could do. Jonah gets all my spare time and spare energy as well he should. :) The other stuff will get done....eventually.


Kelle said...

...and rightly so! there will be days where you'll have little blocks of time to go back and catch up. but, for now...enjoy your pregnancy and every little moment with that boy! still miss his pics though!

Kelly said...

WOW! I'm wiped out just reading about your day!! Props to you for getting it all done!! hugs!