Wednesday, June 3, 2009

2?! say it ain't so...

I'm trying to remember all the details of the last 2 years and 9 months. It's amazing how fast it all blurs by. And I don't know how it's possible, but I love him more today than I did when they sawed him out of me. I hope this next year goes by very slowly.

How does one go from this all the way to this:

How did he go from baby to little boy without me noticing? OK, so maybe I noticed but chose to ignore... I talked to his teacher today and she thinks by the end of this year he will move into the Transition Room (he'll be 2.5). That's the room RIGHT before preschool! How is my baby almost ready for preschool?! I mean i know he's smart, but gee. He still likes me to sing and rock him to sleep. He sucks his thumb! I know its probably not good, but I LOVE that he still sucks his thumb and needs his "ni-night" when he's tired.... see, still baby! :)

On a side note about this picture, he started out clean for Josh's Graduation Ceremony, but as daddy likes to say, "Show me a clean 2 yr old and I'll show you one that isn't having any fun." We LIVE by that rule. ;-) Jonah has LOTS and LOTS of fun.


Meghan said...

happy 2nd birthday, jonah, from sweet pea and beans!

Kelly said...

WOW! Why am I always surprised when kids grow up turn a different age? Jonah is stuck at 18 months in my head!! So cute!!