Sunday, July 5, 2009

was gonna blog...,.

got sucked into etsy instead... here's a few pics from our 4th.

these 2 are from the fireworks that nathan and josh got from indiana. yeah, they are pyromaniacs.

this is what happens when its really dark and the shutter takes forever to close, pretty cool, huh? honestly, no photo editing done on this one. no gaussian blur or anything.


tasha waving a sparkler, again with the shutter that wouldnt close -


we spent the afternoon at crossroads, jonah rode a pony, played on the stagecoach, and rode the train. i stood around and looked ginormous. good grief i didnt realize how huge i am! lol

he wasn't too keen on the pony at first, but once she got going he was ok.

on the train

playing the accordian

me - looking ginormous, take 2.

can you believe i still have 2.5 months to go?! land sakes alive i think we're having another big one. i like to lie to myself though, and think that Lucas is going to be 7 lbs 5 oz. makes me feel better about trying a VBAC instead of opting straight for another c-section.

ok so it's 11:40...way past this prego mama's bed time. sorry the post couldn't be longer. sorry the photos are edited to look all pretty, at least it's a new post!

night night all!


Kelly said...

Awww, good blogging Tisha! (handing you gold star)

I love the pony pictures and you look INCREDIBLE!!! I love that belly!!!

they keep me laughing said...

haha! keep trying to tell yourself you're having a small baby, but you know what that means though? you're also telling yourself that all of that tummy isn't just baby - it's fat! lol i think i'd just stick with the big baby :)

Meghan said...

yay! now let's see that room....

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful! You look super deliciously preggo. I can't wait to see ya! And you really should post more... yeah.

When should we do lunch?

Kelle said...

I love when you post...they're few and far between now, so when it pops up, i get so happy.
wanna have an etsy-aholics meeting together? aw, man that sucks me in. and a newborn on the way is not good for battling the addiction. oh, the belly. love, love, love the belly, but yes...laughing. good luck on the vbac, girl. ha! xoxo miss you! oh, wait! jonah!!! he is a LOVE!!! i always love my jonah pics.