Sunday, November 22, 2009

i should be in bed asleep.

So it's 12:43 AM and I am still up because I'm a bit freaked that I messed up our flexible spending accounts for next year. I know I should go to sleep because Lucas will be up around 3:30 and I have a headache brewing but I just can't.

We cut down our Christmas tree today! We went to Trim Pines Tree farm in Grand Blanc. At first they were hesitant to let us get one but I persuaded them. I guess we were the 2nd people of the season. Oh and what last year would have cost abou 100 bucks, this year only cost $65! Yeah I have an almost 10 foot live tree in our living room. It took me I think 2 hours to properly put up the lights and another 1.5 hours to get the ribbon right. I think I need more bulbs. Oh, sadly dont expect any pictures of our tree hunting this year - I forgot the stinking camera! I'll post pictures of the tree later, I haven't taken any yet. So the house is festooned for christmas. Then mantle is decorated. I have 2.5 Christmas trees up. I'm debating on if I want to put up a 3rd in the basement.

We had more family pictures taken by Jen Kniviila of Visual Poetry!
She is awesome and we LOVE her! She gave me a light as well so expect some pics soon of lucas in our "home studio". I need to go get some fun fabric for a backdrop. Anyway, here's some pics she took at her new AWESOME studio!


in case you are wondering - yes, i did accidentally forget to brush jonah's hair (and mine) before the shoot. i like to think that his messy hair gives the shots more authenticity... lol.

story of my life - we were running late. again, authentic pictures that show real life or something like that.

ok g'night.


Kelle said...

okay. totally precious. and let me just say, if no one is stressed, fighting or looking like a complete mess before family pictures, i'd be worried. it's supposed to happen that way, i think. unwritten rule. and yes...i LOVE real life. um, can i just say if you don't get alicia keys off this playlist after six months of hearing her, i'm gunna take my keyboard and slam it against my computer. hard.

Heidi said...

lol...i hear you changed the music!!!

the kids are so stinkin' cute and those big and lil bro shirts are the cutest!!! last family pics taken by kelle i had full blown HELMET head. i laugh now!!! your hair looks great tho!!!

happy holidays!

Meghan said...

so i went back to this post thinking maybe i missed a new post sometime in the last month or so....hint! need a j and l update! no pressure...

Heidi said...

aw, thank you tish!
she is the best best friend in the whole world...i'm just trying to return the favor:) you know her well, so you know what i mean, but thank you. it was a sweet message and made me feel better.

loving your comments. i can tell how much you love kells and those babies.


Heidi said...

we need a new post!

Heidi said...

we need a new post!