Tuesday, February 16, 2010

i took pictures yesterday ...

AND i even "offloaded" them from the CF card to the laptop....

now to get them from there to the 'net.

dont hold your breath though... cuz in all likelihood you'd pass out...cuz lets be honest...it's me...and i'm slow as molasses.

its the stupid bachelor and the winter olympics... ok so its not... i'm just lazy...i have a feeling he's going to choose stupid vienna. i hope ali is the next bachelorette.

can't wait for the mens figure skating... can't wait to see what johnny weir does!

Oh and is it too late for me to take up slalom skiing for the next winter olympics?

ok so i totally stole this from my sisters blog... it will have to do for now... its from a few weeks ago...and yes...the legs are JUST as fat as the arms....he is pure chub.



Meghan said...

i almost fell over to see this blog post....that little round mound of rebound is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. you have the momentum now....just like a slalom skier. keep on keepin on....hope you guys are well. love the picture.

Heidi said...

a new post!!! hey, it's a start. it's hard to get going again!

love the chubs! vienna-not so much. ali rocks and the the slalom...holy good workout! i'm with ya on all of it!