Sunday, March 13, 2011

6 days for THIS?!

I should probably mention that I commute to work with my husband. He drives and I, well, I passenger quite nicely. Truth be told, my fellow commuters are probably well served by my well honed passengering skills. Let it be known, I detest driving. There's just too many other things I'd rather be doing. Things like playing games, reading books, and just recently - Blogging!

Let's go over a typical work week. I commute 35-45 minutes to work and back...that equates to on average an hour and 15 minutes per day in the car. So I should be able to blog semi regularly right? well we will see... Oh and If you are still with me, I have a short attention span and frequently jump from 1 subject to the next...oh and I apparently love using "...". Yes, I am a lover of the run on sentence. Um, where were we? oh yes, my typical week...

Up at 6AM (should be 5 am to get all that I should get done, done, I know, but I'm not a morning person). (please see previous disclaimer regarding run on sentences).  Drop kids off at school at 7am, commute, work by 8am, get picked up from work around 5pm. Pick up kids by 6pm for Dinner and play. Kids start bedtime ritual at 7:30, or 8, or 8:30 because seriously who can get dinner ready, baths done, and have a decent amount of fun and playtime in an hour and 30 minutes?!

Then after the kids finally get to sleep I (supermom) am supposed to clean the house, do laundry, and somehow chronicle the goings on and growth of my children. Right?! That's if I haven't already fallen asleep with said oldest that I was lying (or is it laying?) down with. We are batting about a 50% average on the falling asleep part. So it's no wonder that my house is sometimes (ok most of the time) a bit messy...oh yeah, and have quality time with my husband. Although some would say that our daily commute would be just that perfect opportunity, but I've now decided to BLOG during that time. lol. poor long suffering nathan.  Really we do use that time alot to discuss things, as such I am not blogging during EVERY commute.  Plus I think twice blogging daily is like writing a hugely long winded facebook post twice a day and no one wants to read that.

oh good grief i am out of breath and tired. Also just so you know I completely cheated and did not write the post during the commute, lest you think I am so skilled that this all rolled off my tongue at 7am on a traffic ridden highway. As witnessed by the previous 2 posts, my usually scattered brain is even more so when blogging by cell phone (even if it is what they say nowadays "smart". :)

Length of time it took to write this post 6 days on off commute time! wow, good thing I wrote 2 others during the commute!! Will post during the next few commutes about our weekend adventure to the French Laundry for breakfast and then the Ann Arbor Hands On Children's Museum. :)

shocker - a video!!!!


Meghan said...

our schedule is nearly identical. lol! but i have to drive. xoxo

Heidi said...

i gotta come back to read this. becks up fro bed xoxo