Thursday, March 10, 2011


Another day, another commute, and yes - Another Post!  Can it be?!  Maybe this experiment will work!  Listening to the new Glee Vol. 5, yes, my co-commuters are very tolerant.  Are you feeling like a firework, a fat bottom girl, or maybe a P.Y.T?  And speaking of Glee, the last episode was a bit much.  I was offended at the stance the show took against abstinence.  It felt like they were making fun of it.  Now don't get me wrong, I believe that safe sex should also be taught as an option at an appropriate age, but practicing abstinence by no means makes one a prude.  Glee needs more singing and less kissing.

Ok, enough glee talk.  I downloaded new camera apps for my phone.  Vignette and photo collage.  Check out my results!  I need to get better at my photography skills with my camera phone. 

Highlights of my work day. 

1. A coworker walking by my office, waving, then almost walking into the wall.

2.  My surprisingly yummy michelina's lean microwave santa fe rice and beans meal.  Not bad for a buck.

3.  Checking on the progress of my new office.  Psyched cuz I get a window.  I guess being in management has a few perks.

4. Now.  The ride home to get my babies.  Just 3 more exits to go. 

And speaking of the 2 little men in my life...last night during a rough night with baby, mt heart melted and I smiled when he whined the word, "nurse".  Lucas is a baby of few words.  He uses them sparingly only when he feels the need is great.  It was the first time I'd heard him say that.  Now I know he is a but old to still be nursing to some, but the nursing keeps us close and in my head keeps him a baby for a bit longer.  And who doesn't want their growing toddler to stay a baby for just a little longer.  Oh and not to forget about #1, he sings along to "Billionare" and break dances.  Probably the cutest and funniest thing in the world.  I'll try to get video.  And with that I close out this post, almost to school.  Very ready to get my love cup refilled. 

What were your highlights of today thus far?


Life with Kaishon said...

That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard. I agree. Who doesn't want to keep their baby as long as possible? That's why I still nurse Kaish.


A window office. You are such a super star!

Kelle said...

I LOVE the new concept. these are cracking me up knowing you write them on the commute, and I LOVE it. And I LOVE that he said "nurse." Lainey didn't nurse long enough to say it, so I pressure's on Nella. Ha ha. xoxo

Rochelle said...

Well, Jackson still gets a bottle at 4:45 when we get home and I call that my snuggle time all alone with him. He get's another at bedtime... my resistence to letting him grow up and me keeping him my baby for a few months longer too!!! I love it!