Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Blogging by...cell phone?

Wow, so in doing research last night I discovered a blogger app for my phone!  This whole blogging by commute thing might be even easier than I thought!  Granted, while writing a post by ones smart phone is not as easy as with a full size keyboard, one must make adjustments.  On the odd side, my post so far looks super long for just a few sentences, ha!  I also discovered some cool camera apps.

Now for the low down on the technical.  I will be blogging, using a Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate by Verizon and/or an Apple iPad (original version).  Alas, at this time I cannot afford to upgrade to the iPad2.  The new cameras on them  make me wonder how they would affect my blogging. 

Incidentally, this is my first official "by commute" post.  I am sitting in the rain on US23 as I type (or rather swype as it may be).  Ok here's the way cool part about blogging by the android blogger app - I can take a picture and blog at the same time.  Insert pic of traffic here.  So it will be interesting to see where the photo shows up in the post.

Not to worry, each post will not include a picture of my daily commute.   I am approaching the downtown Ann Arbor area, so with that I bid you adieau.  To you and you and you.


Meghan said...


they keep me laughing said...

love the picture. i love how you've captured the rain, the dark dreary sky - it's just fabulous! lol

i'm looking forward to many more commuting blogs from you :)

bav said...

I believe there are some external keyboard accessories that could be useful.

Life with Kaishon said...

And to you and you and you as well. Adieu : )
I don't know how to spell it right I don't think : (