Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sad sick baby

no, that pic is not jonah.

poor Jonah, he is allergic to something in the air. His eyes are all puffy and watery. He sneezes so hard I swear he's going to sneeze out his brain or pop his eardrums. I was home with him yesterday. He's with Grammy and Papa today. We have resorted to using Benadryl with dr. consent!) I know its not the most natural but I don't like to see him suffer.

Will post pics of our weekend up north later.


they keep me laughing said...

awh! poor joners.

Kelle said...

Jonah...so sad! Love that pic and your explanation that it isn't Jonah. I was going to say...wow...how primitive of you...you actually have a slouchy ice bag. didn't know they made those anymore. at least the benadryl is helping. Kisses from Lainey (and me!)

Anonymous said...

Aw poor baby! I'm glad he's got his momma to comfort him. That is a hilarious picture, too.