Friday, August 15, 2008

Words and Updates - a stream of conciousness

Just in this week I think Jonah's vocabulary has doubled. He calls for his friend at "kool"(school) - "Ahh-Ker" (oscar). This morning he said Apple. He says Hello! He does the most adorable meow. We've been working on meow for a long time now. Hearing his version was worth the wait. I need to get all this on camera.

In the car last night I turned around and I couldn't believe how much he's grown and changed in just 1 year. I think his feet may have grown a whole size in 2 months. I have to get them measured again.

He transitions into the big toddler class at "Kool" starting in September. I'm sad he won't be in the baby room, but I'm also excited to see the things he will learn. The room is just down the hall from his current room, but it feels like a big step. I think the class is a bit more educationally structured than the baby class. His new teacher, Miss Chrissy, is Montessori certified. They sit at tables to eat and they nap on little cots, not in cribs. I'm so excited and scared. I think he needs a backpack.


Meghan said...

aaahhhh!!! beans too. naps on cots, next thing big boy bed!!! from experience, they learn so much at school at this age. so many songs and friends and words. leaps and bounds....

Kelle said...

it's happening, isnt' it? we closed our eyes just for a minute, and they just got...bigger. i'm sure he'll love his new class, and yes...i think he needs a backpack. and maybe a lunchbox. i've been waiting for a new post!