Tuesday, November 3, 2009

trying to ignore the fact that jonah has yogurt glopped on his feet and finally post something new....

and that is why i haven't posted in awhile... things like yogurt spilled on feet and in between toes... oh and he's starting a no clothes phase. Narrowly avoided a meltdown at a wedding saturday over wanting to remove his shirt during the ceremony. He's currently clad only in a soggy diaper that is starting to resemble a loincloth. He's watching tom & jerry his current favorite show. Probably time to change the diaper huh?

I'm typing with one hand while holding lucas and nursing. Nursing is going great with Lucas. he's getting to be a real chunker!! Last night he slept for 5 hours!

ok 1 day later...continuing to post...thank goodness you can save and come back otherwise I would never finish a post! I'm going to forget about posting any more cute antidotes and just get to what people want....the pictures!!!

Including the rooms AND updates of my new buddha baby - Lucas! he's probably at least 12 lbs by now. Breastmilk is making this baby FAT! :)


aunt Jamie surprised us with a Visit!!! Made mommy scream in Red Robin because it was a surprise visit!!!! I haven't been surprised like that in a LONG time. I LOVED it! Thank you for visiting Aunt Jamie!!!!! I felt like something was missing from Lucas's arrival...it was you! Now I'm good. :) Mwah!


Pics with Big Brother!

Nice face jonah... lol.

Lots of time during the day, i hear the "save me cry" from Lucas


My sad attempt at a fall photo shoot. it was too cold.

And LAST but not least, the new rooms...Jonah's then Lucas'.

by the way... jonah's room has a christmas tree in it which he says is beautiful. Yay! i have a Christmas freak like me!

Lucas has yet to spend a night in the room which we just HAD to have finished before his arrival. lol.

Oh and my new dining room table, happy belated birthday to me! Thanks hunny!



Meghan said...

whew! i feel fully satisfied on all fronts from baby pix to decorating updates. thanks for sharing!!!

Kelle said...

i love their rooms! they are so full of personality and character! i've missed your posts so much...we actually just need a good long phone chat. can't wait to be typing holding a little nursing baby. he is so beautiful, but how he's changed! can't wait to catch up.

Tisha said...

call me anytime you are not busy. i know this is your super busy time for photoshoots and christmas mailers! can't wait to get mine!

they keep me laughing said...

FINALLY A POST!!! I don't know what you could be so busy doing? lol

Loved the pics! Can't wait to hold that fat lil' baby again. :) You guys really did a good job on their rooms.

gracified said...

I hadn't checked your blog in so long and here are 3 updates! So fun. I love all the pictures and the chunk and the festive love... keep it coming, beautiful mama!