Sunday, April 11, 2010

So what have we been up to...

Lucas is sleeping in his own bed for half the night so thats improvement. I had alot more to say earlier when I was thinking about what I was going to blog, but now its 11pm and my Mexican coca-cola is wearing off. Mexican coke is way better than the stuff we have here. It's made with sugar instead of HFCS and you can really taste the difference.

Friday night we went to ci-ci's pizza with friends and I think I ate 10 pieces of pizza... I just kept getting up to get more. Course, it doesn't help that they keep bringing out new flavors. Surprisingly the macaroni and cheese pizza isnt half bad.

Saturday we celebrated my sister and brother in laws birthdays with putt putt and dinner at olive garden. I need to post those pics but I didnt get a chance to yet, sorry. We had alot of fun and tasha got pee on her hand, so all in all a great time had by all.

And I am heading to bed, so enjoy what we've been up to picture-style.....

we had our 6 month check up....

we've taken naps... (just realized this layout is all wrong... looks like his has a giant head, teeny body and impossibly short legs and then feet.)

we celebrated Easter...Jonah says..."Jesus died on the cross, but he didnt stay dead". So I guess he gets the main idea.

and we look cute...i love etsy. hello, my name is tisha and I am addicted to

and other stuff, but i ran out of time and had to post something. Today, we had a photoshoot with Jen of Visual Poetry. As per the usual, I waited till the last minute to get out photoshoot outfits, but I think it all came together really cute. Seriously, our appointment was at 2 and I was in the mall shopping for shirts and shoes and socks at 1! lol.

Here are some pics we took when we got home. They arent very good, but at least they will show the jist of the outfits I picked out at the last mintue! I cannot wait to see the real photos!!! Jen is a genius!



Meghan said...

LOVE the stripes!

Heidi said...

oh, I LOVE those different colored converse!!! so pretty! love the pics and your little one is getting so big!!!

you look so beautiful too!

Kelle said...

Jonah looks SO different! OH MY WORD!! And I LOVE the socks and shoes and their matching pajamas and your big boy it all! Loving that you finally have a post up because I was so missing you and catching up on those boys. I want more frequent posts! PLEASE!!

Momma to Bug n' Bear said...

Hello, I found you on SPB. I am a former co-worker of Meg's and we both had our first babies at the same time. Looks like you and I had our second at the same time. My newest baby just turned 6 months as well. She weighed close to 18 pounds and I thought that was big. It doesn't bother me having a big baby although it does bother me that everyone thinks she is a boy (I guess because she doesn't have a lot of hair?). Anyway, I love the pics on your blog and your boys are adorable!

Life with Kaishon said...

They are the cutest little boys in the whole wide world. Cute. Cute. CUTE! : )

Anonymous said...

Oh. my. goodness. Just browsing your blog again and found this post and am LOVING it! My boys have those same shirts and it's so cute to me to see that someone else coordinates clothes on their sons, too! It's so fun and your boys look TOO ADORABLE in them! Love, LOVE!!